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September 8, 2012


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ok, so we made an RP due to the cats at our fairgrounds.... and we gave them names and shiz.... so ya.... Enjoy. c:

* katiekatie555 Lostkit smelled the air as she awoke at her mother's bellyside, sheblink as the air gently touched her fluffy cheeks, she looked left and right to see her six other siblings, she stopped her gaze on Silentkit, who was the only other one awake, she reached over hummingkit's limp sleeping body and touched noses with him, "How much sleep did you get?" she asked priar to his drooping eyelids, She waited silently for his reply as she licked his ear softly.

<7Jewel7> Silentkit let out a small breath of air, twitching his whiskers. "Very little," He muttered, the moderately-chilly autumn air lightly chilling the skin under his pelt. He felt his eyelids trying to force themselves shut as Lostkit gently licked at his ear. His mind buzzed with thoughts from the night, the one reason his body refused sleep. A small grunt emitted from his lips as he slowly got up, trying to ignore his drowsiness.

* katiekatie555 She lifted her chin away from his ear and smiled,"Full of deep thoughts I presume?" She smirked as she sat up, letting Hummingkit and Songkit fall limp where she was previously laying, licking her paw and drawing it over her ear, she twitched as she heard the horses whinny at the other side of the farm grounds, "Bloody brown monsters, they sound as ugly as they appear." Her head turned back to her brother, who was ill with drowse, yawning and twitching his tail ever so slowly and sudden, she almost felt really bad for him, he had been worried about getting older, the dangers of the farm grounds, Lostkit had seen the terror in his eyes as Nightwhisker told them stories of the brown monster crushing warriors way older and larger then the litter, it was funny, she told them these stories as she was giving them herbs for miner colds. Lostkit pawed her brothers tail to make it stop twitching, "Let's go get a drink from the water bowl." she said softly with a tired sigh

<7Jewel7> Silentkit nodded and got up in what seemed like slow motion and padded outside. The grass was as soft as felt on his paw pads, the earth still sprinkled with dew. The horses snorted and whinnied, their hooves stomping inside their pens, heads poking out of the small window-like fixtures on the barn. His stomach gave a small rumble and he decided a simple drink of water wasn't going to do. With his shoulders arched, he began towards the back entrance of the long horse barn, where food and water was refilled in little dishes under chairs. He turned his head around to look at Lostkit, who was just paw-lengths behind him. He flattened his ears as the apprentices of the Clan lept out of a pig pen, limbs flailing, paws batting against each other's bodies.

* katiekatie555 scarpaw pinned flamepaw to the dew soaked grass, "Give up yet bro?" He smirked // Lostkit's ear were flattened against the back of her head as she watched them playfully practice battle moves, // Scarpaw padded flamepaws muzzle, "huh?" he hissed between gritted teeth // Lostkit could see that Scarpaw was more ruff then usual practice should be

<7Jewel7> Flamepaw pushed his brother off with his hind legs, a snarl on his face. "Cut it out, dude." He hissed, getting back on his feet. // Silentkit watched in mute annoyance. He didn't care; it wasn't his problem, at least not now. He walked through the entrance and slunk over to the food just as a mouse scuttled from the hay of a horse's pen. The scent it carried was much more appealing than the kibble the twolegs fed us; perhaps I should give hunting a go. The thought echoed in his mind as he crouched, flicked his tail, then pounced. He looked down at his empty paws, then up again to see the mouse running off.

* katiekatie555 Scarpaw thrust forward at his brother out of the kits' site, Lostkit didn't care for she knew they fought like that pretty much three times a day, she turned back to lean over the water just as she saw her brother fail at hunting, she held back a giggle, "Maybe next time?" she said raising her eyebrows and finally leaning to lap the cold shiver-worthy water. she loved how it was like that every morning due to the chill of the night time, her eyes rolled in relaxation and relief for her dry mouth, now refilled with thirst quenching water. She could hear the two apprentices hissing in the background, "DID YOU SERIOUSLY JUST UNSHIETH YOUR CLAWS?" She heard Flamepaw snarl

<7Jewel7> Suddenly, Tunekit rushed into the barn, her fur puffed up like a giant cotton ball. Silentkit tilted his head in confusion as he saw the shock in her eyes. "What?" He mewed as Tunekit smoothed down her pelt. "Stupid mouse-brained twolegs," She spat, her nose lifted to the air in her cocky-little-princess pose of hers. Silentkit gave a small "hmph" and began to nibble lightly on some food. He found the taste bland in comparison to the delectable scent of the mouse.

* katiekatie555 Lostkit hated her sister meow, it was high-pitched and whiny, other then her twin, Songkit, who's meow was more mellow and soothing, "What did they do? Pet you?" she narrowed her eyes and proceeded to lap some more water, her ears twitched as she silently waited for a whiny reply

<7Jewel7> "Oh, shut up," She hissed, the fur on her spine bristling. A sudden yowl sounded from outside the barn. Silentkit's ears perked up, his eyes widening. His legs taking long strides, he rushed out to find the source of the noise.

* katiekatie555 lostkit glared at her sister before she heard the yowl as well, her ears shot up along with her brother's, she followed him as he darted outside the barn, leaving their whiny sister behind

<7Jewel7> Silentkit stopped short as he saw a young twoleg kit throwing rocks at their other siblings. Mother was in no sight to be seen, and he could hear his sisters mewling as they tried their best to take shelter in the makeshift den. "P-please stop... I mean, if that's.. If that's alright.." he could hear Songkit's silent, stuttering mews as they carried out to him, along with annoyed hisses and painful yowls from the others. Silentkit unsheathed his claws without thinking. Fight? He thought, What am I thinking? However, he felt determined, obligated to protect his kin.

* katiekatie555 Lostkit couldn't bare the sight "SHARPSTARRRRRR!!!!" she yowled at the top of her tiny lungs, She darted off to find him on a twoleg sitting thing, "SHARPSTAR! COME QUICK!" // Sharpstar shot up from the cushion-like twoleg thing, "What is it Lostkit?" "The others are being attacked!" Sharpstar didn't think for a heartbeat he just darted forward towards the area Lostkit came from, he unshiethed his claws and hissed, coming closer to the twoleg kits, he arched his back and bared his teeth, they looked somewhat scared before they laughed and threw rocks at sharpstar as well, He darted the throws and lunged him self at the cloth that ontop of the twoleg's pale skin, he sunk his teeth into the twoleg's shoulder and pounced off of it and waited for the lesson to be learned

<7Jewel7> Morningheart came rushing in, her teeth bared and her voice a hissing fit of rage as she clawed at the twoleg's ankle. The twoleg was already running from Sharpstar's attack, and now he bolted even faster from the grounds. "Oh, are you all alright?" She cooed, frantically licking her kits and searching for major injuries. "I'm.. F-fine.." Songkit muttered, her voice still shaking.

* katiekatie555 Sharstar looked at Mother and hissed under his breath, "You need to keep better watch of them, he snarled as he continued,"Send them to Nightwhisker immediately. I can't believe how careless you are trying to find food for yourself, you need to ask one of us to do such..." He flicked his tail and waited for a reply, Lostkit exchanged looks with her brother and soon with Tunekit as she walked slowly to their side as she realized what was going on

<7Jewel7> "OhmyStarClan, what HAPPENED?" Silentkit wrinkled his nose at Tunekit as she made her stupid, rather bland remark on the subject. He watched from afar at their Mother as she said something unreachable to his ears, flattenered her ears and padded off with his siblings trailing behind. Silentkit sighed. He still couldn't steel the courage to fight for himself. He supposed it would have been stupid, but.. Glorious, at the same time.

* katiekatie555 Lostkit raised an eyebrow, her sister's blank, shocked stare and she watched as Sharpstar scolded their mother, she saw sense in his words, she was barely around lostkit and her siblings, she was usually finding another mate or finding food, it angered Lostkit, though she did love her mother and respected her deeply

<7Jewel7> Silentkit slunk away, lost in thought again. He wanted to badly to become a warrior, at least an apprentice; perhaps medicine was his thing. He wasn't sure of what path to take. He sighed, and curled up into on of the pig sties filled with hay. His ocean-blue eyes stared into the nothing, his thoughts whirring inside of him.

* katiekatie555 Lostkit could tell what her brother was thinking,''medicine." She smirked and licked her brother's cheek as she lay next to him,"You seem to have patience like a medicine cat would," she smiled,"You should talk to Nightwhisker sometime soon,m before Hummingkit does..."

<7Jewel7> Silentkit gave another weary sigh. "But what if she does beat me to it?" He asked; one worry to share, at least. The others continued to spin around in his mind, taunting him. He rested his chin on his paws, his back arching, making him look like a small little puffball. His tail flicked by his back legs, simply a habit of his while he was lost in thought.

* katiekatie555 she smiled,"Believe me, she's been too busy with her hunting skills and so called battle practices that she hasn't really thought about it much..." She prodded her brothers cheek playfully, "Don't be so paranoid, it's not a big deal, either your the best warrior or the best healer." she smiled,"Either way you'll still be my favorite brother..." She purred and nuzzled him, she blinked as she saw Nightwhisker escorting the other siblings back to their nest along with mother, she looked at her brother,"Speaking of-...." She called to Nightwhisker, who jolted up and began to pad towards them // Nightwhisker blinked, and meowed gently in her soft, mother-like voice,"Yes?" "My brother is interesrted in becoming your apprentice, is he too late?" Nightwhisker shook her head before looking at Silentkit,"Is that true? I would love to pass my knowledge to a little one sometime soon, it's about time somebody took interest." she purred softly as her eyes grew big with pride in the young one // Lostkit could see Silentkit's embarassment, she kind of felt bad again, but she nudged him to speak

<7Jewel7> Silentkit gave a small smile, his cheeks flushing. "Yes, I.. I would love to." He sat up, suddenly excited. He was going to become a medicine cat apprentice! It's heart beat faster with pure joy.

* katiekatie555 Lostkit felt proud as she saw the excitement in her sibling's eyes. // Nightwhisker smiled,"Great, I cannot even wait to mentor such a strong looking, bright kit like you." She winked as she rubbed her tail against Silentkit's cheek affectionately // Lostkit watched as Nightwhisker padded away her unusually long tail trailing behind her steps, "See?" She nudged her brother, "I just saved your behind didn't I? C'mon admit it." she giggled softly

(c) Erin Hunter
Written by: :icondummywooplz: :iconmultiplexity: :icongaucherieghost: :icondummywooplz:
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mine and kori's RPby Multiplexity

Journals / Personal©2012-2015 Multiplexity
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